Why your organization needs a great database

ZeSlap can help. ZeSlap provides database consulting services using products like Microsoft Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Power BI. Together we can use your knowledge of how to run your business with ZeSlap expertise in database design and office automation, to develop the powerful but easy to use solutions that your organization needs to unlock its potential.

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Database Services

Here is a list of some of the database services TechMentors has provided.
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  • Analyze existing systems
  • Determine if spreadsheet data should be repurposed as a database
  • Create new Databases
  • Enhance / Fix existing databases
  • Make data input user friendly
  • Build useful reports
  • Write code to automate common tasks
  • Establish a list of users and control their access to information
  • Allow administrative users to easily maintain supporting lists
  • Run reports with an easy-to-use report generator
  • Allow users to create their own reports with a report builder
  • Access business intelligence through an online dashboard based on the data in your database
  • Prepare the database to run on a network
  • Create audit trails showing who did what when
  • Backup the database with a click of a button
  • Import new data from Excel
  • Output data to PDF, Excel, Word or PowerPoint

Other services

We provide quality and professional services.

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